Playing Games in Franchise

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Playing Games in Franchise

Post by ishyoboijake » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:25 am

Franchise mode is probably my favorite mode of all time. It can be played so many different ways which is why it is the best. You can play every game, play every other game, play one game every week, month or year, or you don't have to play a game at all. Personally, it is a hard decision in MLB The Show 17.

I don't have time to play 162 full 9 inning games. Even though The Show is my most played game I still play with my friends on other games. The new Friday the 13th game just came out and that's a popular one. I still play Rainbow Six Seige and Rocket League with my friends. So that's why I can't play every single game. It also doesn't allow pitchers to create their own identity. I'm talking about pitchers that you draft or that the game creates. For some guys they love to pitch down low or pitch inside. But if you play every game, you will most likely pitch the same way/strategy the whole game so all your pitchers basically are the same. I don't think the realistic gameplay is a problem though. I'm talking about numbers such as Avg, HR, RBI, SB and even OBP. If you find the right sliders (Mike Lowe's 2.4V Sliders) the numbers will be very realistic if you play 162 games. There are many pros and many cons but I don't have the patience for a 162 game season.

This game is just so good that you can't not play it. You have to have at least some say in your player's numbers. This game is so phenomenal I don't know if I can ever sell my PlayStation. This game is the reason why I have a PS4. I get that some people just trade and sign free agents to create their juggernaut squad so they win the World Series and playing games would just waste their time. But franchise mode is a process. No matter if you're the 1st place Astros who have by far the best 2nd baseman in all of baseball and one of the most complete teams or if you're the last place Phillies who obviously need a little help everywhere. That's why you have to play at least a couple games. To see your squad and your progress. It's also a good way to see each player on the team and if they are hot or not.

So the question i always have is: Which games do I play?

Prior to MLB The Show 17 I would play the rubber match of every series. Honestly, I didn't like it too much. Me playing the games was very inconsistent. I would play basically every 3rd game the whole month of May and then never play one until September. It was just very sparse. When I was watching San Deigo Studios stream the presentation and commentary livestream of The Show I jumped out of my chair and screamed. I knew which games I was going to play in my franchise mode this year. This year the developers added MLB Network as a theme in the game. They also implemented it in franchise mode. Special games such as rivals and important games were going to automatically be presented from the MLB Network theme. All the playoff games and even Opening Day are MLB Network themed.

If you haven't figured it out already, I only play the MLB Network themed games. This is what I've been waiting for ever since I've gotten into franchise modes. I have this problem with NBA and NHL. The same problem occurs every single time. I get maybe 20-25 games into a season before I get bored or a new game comes out. Now in The Show I finally have direction in the games that I play. Before every series I check the transactions and the injuries of my opponent. I currently am the Tigers and I counted 41 MLB Network themed games in the 2017 season. That is 1/4 of the season. To me, that's not bad. If that's too much for you then play every other game. That's 1/8 of the season. This way, the season can go a lot quicker with you still playing the game enough to impact your players stats. You can also prepare what pitcher you are going to pitch with prior to the series even starting. You're not just playing the third game either. Sometimes it's the 2nd and 3rd or sometimes just the 1st. There's this one series in July where I'm going to play the whole series against the Indians. It's not just division opponents either. I've seen many MLB Network themed games still in the same league. You don't have to worry about inconsistent games too. Espcially as I mentioned before if you have Mike Lowe's V2.4 Sliders. They work like a charm. Highly recommend you check them out.

I am having a blast with this year's franchise mode of MLB The Show 17. I have finally found the correct combination of playing games and simming them.
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Re: Playing Games in Franchise

Post by Mike Lowe » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:55 am

May I suggest using some paragraph breaks? Makes it easier to read for folks!
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Re: Playing Games in Franchise

Post by Bullit » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:45 am

I am one of those crazy folks, we seem to be a dying breed, that plays every inning of every game thru the whole season. I even play spring training and minor leagues. Though I do use player lock now in the Minors.

When I used to play other sports games. I would always pick the worst team and go for a rebuild. I have never tried this with MLB The Show as it always seemed a too daunting task. But I think this is the year I take on this challenge. I have gotten frustrated playing with "My" team and now with carry over saves, if I decide to purchase next years game, then I can continue on without having to start over. How brilliant was that addition?

Anyway that is my input and I guess introduction as this is my first, of hopefully many, posts on a new forum.

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