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Detroit Tigers Franchise 2017

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:03 am
by Luckster1044
Hi guys,

First I want to say... I love the slider set Mike. I am an avid player that has always played default, and just upgraded via levels (all-star, HOF, etc..) when my gameplay improved. This is the first year using a slider set and man.. I was overwhelmed at first with the no visual aids, and of course the level of difficulty. But, after a month or two of improving my play, getting use to the new looks of play and continuous adjustments of the sliders that you have established, wow!! What a change of experience. I have never enjoyed the game at the level I am currently experiencing.

I have started a franchise with my beloved Tigers, and after a slow difficult start, I am finding my mojo. I currently stand second in the division with a 32-22 record and the Tigers are starting to close the gap on the Indians. We are currently holding a spot in the wild card with the blue jays and have made a few moves to improve the roster.

Anibal Sanchez and his huge contract where moved to the Angels, who apparently needed another starter, Christian Stewart 1B from the minors, and another Prospect relief pitcher were sent in a deal for Ben Revere CF. What a huge difference it is to have a everyday CF who can hit both arms.

I plan to go pretty deep with this franchise and can't tell you, how realistic, fun, and frustrating this experience has been so far. I will keep the forum updated on the success and or failures the Tigers find on their path to a world championship in over 20 years. Awesome set my man..

Re: Detroit Tigers Franchise 2017

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:53 am
by Mike Lowe
I'm glad you're getting a good experience using the sliders. That's the whole reason to share them publicly, so I'm glad they are working out for you so well.

These sliders will make you a much better player which is an added bonus when playing a mode like Diamond Dynasty or even Road to the Show. They really make you focus!

I'd love to hear more about your Tigers franchise as I am a huge Tigers fan, and well, have been underwhelmed by the team (again) this year. :/ Your season sounds MUCH more exciting, and I'm hoping I can get these Marlins into a similar situation of competing for a wildcard spot.

Adding Ben Revere is a great move for you, especially considering you gave up...very little to get him! :) I was surprised to not see the Tigers pursue a guy like him, but they seem enamored with Kinsler in the leadoff spot, which I am not a fan of (should be hitting second with the year he had in 2016).

Do keep us updated. In my future-sim-ahead franchise where I'm simming to 2040, the Tigers won the World Series in 2019 :)

Re: Detroit Tigers Franchise 2017

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:56 am
by Luckster1044
Ha, 2019 would be FANTASTIC!!!

All joking aside... lol.... I can't agree with you more on how this slider set has made me a better player. Night and Day. Patience is definitely the key, and that is something I never had. If it was down the plate, it met my bat head, inside, outside, high or low. Another important factor players should watch for is hot zones... I always sit in a hot zone until I am 2 strikes in. This not only helps for my walks, but taught me the patience of seeing my pitches, and of course I made better contact.

As for the Tigers.. Continuing to make good strides as we just close the gap to 2.5 games on the Indians as we took 2 of 3 against them in Detroit. Justin Upton is hitting the cover off the ball, with 19 HRs and batting, I believe, somewhere around .310. Ian Kinsler is batting second behind a hot Ben Revere (what a difference he has made), and I believe is hitting .315 with 9 HR with a ton of RBI's with the new addition in front of him. Kinsler I believe leads or is pretty close to the top of the league in doubles. Of course with Reveres's speed, it makes for a wonderful 1, 2 punch. Miggy is hitting 3rd and is being Miggy. Solid numbers, great RBI totals, just not hitting the long ball as well as past years. Thats ok though, as he's doing the job.

The biggest struggle I am having is JD Martinez. I just can't hit with him for some reason. Pitchers seem to have a lock on that high and inside to him, and I struggle connecting with it using him. I have no idea why. I can with anyone else with a decent vision rating but JD struggles. I think he is currently at .217 but does have 11 ding dongs. He's dropped in the order to 6th behind VMart and Upton.

Catcher is a problem. I am ok against lefties with McCann, but Aviles is terrible. I have sent him down, and brought up Hicks, with very little change in performance. We are out on the hunt for a righty hitting machine catcher. Not looking good out there for this.

Would love to hear others thoughts on a solution here?

Re: Detroit Tigers Franchise 2017

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:49 pm
by Alhelm519
Figure out what JD's hot zones are and start looking for those only. When I'm in a slump with my RTTS/Franchise guy, I look middle in and sit on it.

Re: Detroit Tigers Franchise 2017

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:51 am
by Luckster1044
Yes, I have been doing that a lot more as of late. He is starting to creep his avg. up a bit. Hitting the long ball well as of late too.